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Norwegian gas exports increase

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Energi – BYGNES, Norway Norwegian trunklines operator Gassco transported 97.3 bcm (3.4 tcf) of gas from Norway to terminals in Europe during 2010. This represents an increase of 700 000 cu m (24.7 MMcf) over the total for 2009.

The gas was piped from fields on Norway’s continental shelf to facilities in Germany, Belgium, France,and the UK.

Gassco also provided 1.7 bcm (60 bcf) to Norwegian consumers last year, an increase of 300,000 cu m (10.6 MMcf).

However, volumes delivered for injection into Norway’s offshore fields declined from 1.8 bcm (63.6 bcf) in 2009 to 1.3 bcm (45.9 bcf).

During 2010, Gassco says the integrated transport system for Norwegian gas achieved an average regularity of 98.8%. Over half of the transported supplies pass through processing plants at Kårstø, north of Stavanger and at Kollsnes near Bergen.

“These two units had shutdowns for planned maintenance and upgrading during 2010, while both also experienced technical operating challenges,” said Gassco CEO Brian Bjordal. “Taken together, these factors meant that regularity was slightly lower than we’ve been able to report over the previous few years.”

On Jan. 3, Gassco adds, a new daily record was set for Norwegian gas deliveries of 360.8 MMcm (12.74 bcf), beating the previous high of 355.4 MMcm (12.55 bcf) established on Jan. 15, 2010.

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